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Quantum Awnings Seashell - Residential
Seashell Awnings

The Seashell is an elegant, versatile, durable & stunningly clever self-retractable awning. There's simply no other awning quite like it!

Revolutionary Automatic Retraction System & Australian Designed & Manufactured for Australian Conditions


Why it's Special:

  • Can cover areas up to 48 square metres, with no unsightly poles.

  • Cyclone proof. Automatically folds away in high winds.

  • One person can easily open or close it with its simple cord system

  • Extremely versatile awning, the perfect solution for small or large decks, patios, pool or garden areas.

  • Professionally installed on fascias, or brick walls with no unsightly poles.

  • Circular in shape the Seashell is available in 3, 4, or 5 metre radius (6, 8 and 10 metre diameter) and available in any degree of a circle (90 degree – 360 degree)

  • Easily opened for effective rain or shine protection all year round

  • Extremely robust design, using architectural grade powder coated aluminium frames and premium quality all-weather and highly durable Ferrari material that is easy to keep clean

  • Elegant design, with a choice of colours to complement any design

  • In most cases does not require council approval


Sail material

  • Ferrari Precontraint 502 textile

  • Not subject to deformation and can be used in large drawn surfaces

  • Can withstand wide temperature fluctuations without deformation for long-lasting use

  • Consist of a coating thickness on the top of the yarns which is much higher than conventional coated fabrics

  • It keeps its tear and tensile strength qualities over time

  • Endowed with polymers which ensure its protection against UV, soiling and mould, the material conserves its initial state

  • Excellent for rain-proofing



Aluminium frames

  • Made from quality architectural grade aluminium

  • Coated with Dulux Powder Coatings offering the most comprehensive colour range

  • Powder coatings do not suffer from solvent “running” and “sagging” and therefore can be applied thicker than paint, giving longer lasting finishes

  • Dulux Powder Coatings are one of the most environmentally friendly methods for finishes




  • Seashell Awnings come in radius of 3, 4 and 5 metre (6, 8 and 10 metre diameter)

  • Available as a 90 degree for difficult corner locations up to 360 degree

  • Its versatile design allows for customising the awning by adding or subtracting panels to give the desired coverage

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