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Need your awning serviced or repaired? 

With 20 years experience in manufacturing, selling and installing all types of awnings, we are highly qualified to service all requirements.

Over time the fabric on your awning can suffer wear and tear and can pull away from its roller or frame. Maybe the remote control is not working correctly on your folding arm awning? Or the ropes on your Seashell awning need to be replaced?

If the fabric on any of your awnings needs to be loved again, please contact Quantum Awnings. Jon will ask you questions on your needs,  visit your home to assess your awning, take a measurement of your existing awning, show you all the colours available and provide you with a cost of replacement.


Once manufactured to size, our team will remove and replace the fabric. If it is not fabric replacement, but the hardware, some repairs can be completed straight away.

From replacing fabrics, to changing motors on folding arm and straight drop awnings, to re-roping and installing new sails on the Seashell awnings - 

Please contact Jon on 0419463141

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